Top 8 Tips For A Better Shaped Lower Back – Ladies, This Works Like Magic

Every woman desires a lower back that looks good. And she surely desires a rear that looks perfect in those jeans, shorts, and swimsuit or pencil skirts. Proper diet and exercise are imperative to get the body you desire. Your essential back exercises should concentrate on squats and glut building, which can be done in a vast assortment of ways.

To get a attractive and a toned back, here are the top 8 tips and tricks that’ll get your backside fine in no time

Eat Right

Just like all other parts of your body, your glutes too need protein and calories to grow. It is y way of good idea to add healthy calories to diet by way of lean proteins such as chicken breasts, egg whites and tuna. This will support in your workouts. To add more energy to your daily workouts, include complex carbs like oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Eat Clean

In addition to proteins, for a great back, one needs to consume natural unprocessed foods first and foremost. It is imperative to know that calorie intake should be increased through whole foods and calorie shakes and bars should be avoided. Natural carbs in forms of fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables, healthy dietary fat from sources like coconut oil, olive oil, raw nuts, seeds & avocado should become a part of your daily diet. Avoid processed foods, grains, sugar, soy, diet products with artificial sweeteners. If at all you consume these reduce it to minimum as these foods tend to stay on your body.

Walk & Use Stairs

Walking is the best form of exercise and it does wonders to your all health. Along with walking one of the simplest exercises you can include in your daily routine is climbing stairs or walk up hill. This puts a direct stress on the of your leg and back. It is a perfect way to tone, tighten, strengthen and smoothen out the back. At any given point of time if you get a choice between lift/elevator & stairs, choose stairs. This not only helps in losing cellulite but it also give a lift to your back.

Try Squezing

It may sound awkward but squeezing your back as long and as hard possible with face laying down can help you shed off those extra pounds from your back. This is called isometric back squeeze and if you hold your breath while doing this exercise it will be more effective. However it is always recommended to perform such exercises under the supervision of fitness trainer.


To build up the muscles, lose fat and get even toned back, cardiovascular exercise go a long way. These exercises are good for your heart too as they increase the heart rate which increases blood circulation. This results in improved body metabolism. It must be kept in mind that in the beginning one must not overdo these and slowly increase the time to at least thirty minutes a day. Once again these exercises should be first learned through a fitness trainer as you do not want to cause a injury to yourself.

Train The Glutes

There is no doubt that glute training is getting popular. The muscle group of glutes needs to be given more attention as sometimes it becomes difficult to lose weight in this area. Also at time when you do lose fat from your back, it loses the feminine look. To get a toned back it is important to pay attention to spot training your lower back. Make sure you include exercises for your back in your daily exercise regime.


Squats are best known as king of all lower back exercises. Instead of rushing through squats, hold for 30 seconds at the lowest point. This allows you to take deep contraction and stabilises your spine

Do not rush

There are people who try to swing their weights at gym and some people are looking for short cuts to lose fat and they want a great lower back and toned look in a rush. However it is advised to go slow in the process. The rush not only cheats the clocks, the results are too are short-lived. In order to achieve good results in your lower back, go slow on exercises and see the results.

There is no short cut to weight loss and toned body hence to get a perfect butt, try to make small changes in your lifestyle and exercise your way up.