Latest Embellished Saree Blouse Designs And Patterns

Sarees play a pivotal role in promoting femininity, fragility and $exuality.. What compliments the sari is the blouse design, be it a chiffon blouse, a designer blouse, a wedding blouse, etc is the most important part of this Indian ensemble. No matter how beautiful a saree is, the beauty and elegance of this Indian traditional women’s wear pops out only when the saree is matched with an appropriate blouse in a perfect fit.The blouses that are paired with the sarees can either be lace blouses, net blouses, chiffon latest blouse designs, embroidered, high – neck blouses, etc.. There are plenty of latest designer blouse images available for anyone to select from. The other thing that matters is how you pair it, what accessories you wear with, hairstyles to show off the lovely back neck design, and what embellishments you choose for the saree blouse styles.

How To Select A Right Designer Blouse?

For quiet and casual occasions, you can select blouses with minimum detailed embroidery and embellishments. A fine choice of a simple yet beautiful saree with a matching blouse of a subtle design can do wonders in enhancing your charm even at the workplace.

Below are some quick tips to keep in mind before you sport a deep back saree blouse

Make sure your back is clean, waxed and ready to flaunt

Choose right kind of bra for such backs so that it doesn’t show up

If there are strings or hooks at the back of your blose, make sure they are fastened tightly

If you have to show off your back make sure your hair do is such that it can serve the very purpose

You could use elegant temporary tattoo

stickers to add more style to your back

Velvet Cape Blouse Design

If you are not comfortable with the cape style falling below your waist as seen in the above image, opt for a cape style neck design that accentuates the sweetheart blouse pattern. A deeper shade velvet material with embroidery would be the right choice for a light toned sari.

Embossed Blouse Design

While the former blouse design had a velvet extension to the blouse that is in contrast with the sari; but the latter chose similar pattern with the velvet extension matching with the sari border. This is a perfect choice for a cocktail party at any wedding.

Cream And Red Blouse Design

Undoubtedly cream and red is a classy color combination. For any cream sari of yours, add a red or maroon velvet border. Now pin a velvet embellished cape to the plain cream blouse. The best part of this style is, it easily conceals the hooks on the back. Perfect rescue blouse design for un-waxed or un-bleached back.

Printed Blouse Design

For an everyday look, you definitely can’t wear a heavy loaded blouse design, isn’t it? In that scenario, if you still would like to look chic and fashionable, go with printed blouse design. Take a plain sari of your choice that has a broad multi-colored or multi-patterned border and add a printed blouse to it and watch it click beautifully.

Traditional Blouse Design

Any day the traditional style would be something to fall back on. Short sleeves, a traditional neck line will be easy and hassle-free to carry. A multi-colored blouse design in this fashion will work as a default blouse for any sari type, don’t you think?

Multi-Colored Benarsi Blouse Design

Benarsi blouses always hold a vibe of elegance and class. A multi-colored blouse design will add a touch of royalty to any sari of yours.

Patchwork Blouse Design

A reception party or a Diwali party is on its way and if you are wondering how to impress the crowd with the regular sari style, then follow us. Pick a high back neck blouse design that plays with both the shades of the sari in a patchwork style and flaunt it callously.

High Necked Spiral Blouse Design

Contrast blouse design have trended for a while and still do but we certainly love to go with the colors that peep in and out on the sari for the blouse design. Pick the hues that hide within the border and intermix them into a spiral blouse design like the one below.

Sequined Blouse Design

An after-wedding party or a reception would require you to dress up with some glitter and shine. A heavily embellished sari would wear you down, hence go with a sequined blouse design. Go deep on the neckline and also ensure the lining is comfortable enough as sequins might irritate or pinch the skin.

Sweetheart Illusion Blouse Design

Sweetheart style blouse designs of the 80’s were the most sought designs for a while. But if you are not comfortable with the skin show, chose a high neck blouse design with a sweetheart illusion carved out neatly. Check out the image for better understanding.

Cut Out Neck Blouse Design

One interesting style of blouse design is the cutout pattern. It wouldn’t make the right impact if you chose only one color and material for this style. Hence add a lace neckline to enhance the plain blouse design or go with a fully embroidered blouse design.

Key Hole Sheer Blouse Design

An intricately embroidered blouse might be boring. So club it with current trends to make it more interesting. A sheer illusion and a key hole style added to this charming blouse design will look beautiful.

A lot of people are opting for designer blouses which have multi-color embroidery on it.

These blouses are very colorful and they are the perfect choice for an ethnic event. Because of the various colors used you can team up this blouse with a number of different colored sarees. You can also experiment with this blouse in terms of the sleeve lengths, back neck shape or you can also add some mirror work on it to make it look even more distinct.

Talking about cold shoulders, what about going completely bare instead?

An off shoulder blouse can look very smart for an evening wear, maybe to your best friends reception.

Those who are not very fond of carrying a dupatta seperately of managing a pally

can have a blouse design made to-order like this one. The pallu or dupatta can be attached to the blouse and hence be carefree and not bother about the handling and maintaining it.