Scarlett Johansson Showed Off More Than She Should Have!

It's quite obvious that Scarlett Johansson might have one the greatest pair of "knockers" we’ve seen as of late. Can you imagine driving down a bumpy road purposely just to watch them jiggle? Or watching them bounce up and down on a treadmill in tight clothes? We can hear the deep sighs now, let’s just hope in the near future she’s on live television and has some sort of wardrobe malfunction (where her top accidentally slips off, of course). Here we have included 25 photos of Scarlett Johansson’s "melons" absolutely pouring out of her top, as well as a couple of facts you may not have known about one of the hottest and well "rounded" actresses in the world. You will not believe what she exposes on 25!

She's Pro-adult.

Don't call her a prude! ScarJo can get down with some dirty mags just like everyone else. "I think adult, like anything else, can be enjoyed," Johansson told Marie Claire. "It can be productive for both men and women."

Afternoon Delights

When they were married, Scarlett reportedly often visited Ryan Reynolds on set for a little action. A source claimed that, "during filming, Scarlett would regularly show up on the set and hang around for a while — then lure hunky hubby into his dressing trailer."


True story: Once, Scarlett luckily escaped a car accident because of distraction caused by watching her own cleavage on a billboard advertisement for “The Island” movie.

$ex Education

ScarJo believes in $ex education. She criticized former President Bush, saying, "We are supposed to be liberated in America but if our President had his way, we wouldn't be educated about $ex at all. Every woman would have six children and we wouldn't be able to have abortions."

She's Not Promiscuous

In an interview with Allure Magazine, Scarlett said, "contrary to popular belief, I'm not promiscuous. There does seem to be a mistaken belief out there that I am $exually available somehow - which is not to say that I'm not open-minded about $ex."

She's a Total Romantic

ScarJo's been quoted as saying: "The most precious moment in life is when you're about to fall in love. You're lying in bed together and he's gazing at you and you're gazing at him and there's a sense that something truly wondrous is about to happen. It's a nervous moment, but it's exhilarating."

Equal Opportunity Smoocher

At the 2010 MTV Music Awards, ScarJo shared a passionate kiss with Sandra Bullock, who was nominated for "best kiss."

She's a Flirt

Scarlett has been a flirt since a young age. In an interview with V Magazine, Scarlett said, "I think all little girls are aware of their sex appeal, I think probably more so when they're pubescent. I mean I remember being an extremely flirtatious little girl. I liked boys. I think I was also inspired by certain films I watched when I was a girl."

$ex Symbol

Scarlett is tired of being a $ex symbol. A Golden Globe nominee, Scarlett would rather be recognized for her acting chops than her hot body. “I don’t want to be the ingénue any more. That part I’m happy about. It’s nice to be glamorous, but I don’t want to always have to be trendy and glamorous and an object of desire. I don’t want to be stuck in that forever. Because it doesn’t last,” she said in an interview.