Survey Reveals The 10 Professions Where Women Are Most Likely To Cheat

There are a lot more cheaters in this world than you might think. According to studies, some 40% of women will cheat on a partner at least once in their lives. But contrary to what people once thought, cheating isn't some part of their personality. In fact, an explosive new survey discovered that it's not the "who" that you should be looking out for, but the "what she does". Is your girl going to cheat on you? If she does any of these ten jobs, then it's highly likely...


The Aviation Industry

Rolling it at number two is the aviation industry - pilots, flight attendants, and (we suppose) ground staff. To be totally honest with you, we've never once got a stewardess to even smile at us, let alone whip us off for a quickie in the plane toilets, but it sounds like it really does happen. Anyway, the biggest problem with cheating is always finding a secret place away from home, and anyone working for an airline certainly has that covered.


Oh god, ER and Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy and House weren't just some made up fantasies after all. Doctors and nurses really are so turned on by blood, vomit, and neurosurgery that they really are screwing each other at every possible opportunity. At least with healthcare, "working late tonight, honey" isn't a totally dodgy excuse.


Businesswoman mean business, and by that we mean that they love it when it's business time. There's no business like getting down to business on a business trip, or even getting busy in a long-haul business class flight. Slowly stripping off that businesswear to reveal the business socks underneath. Maybe we should mind our own business.


"Let's get physical," Kylie Minogue sang way back in the 90s, and it looks like a lot of women took her at face value. Being a sportsperson is like the perfect recipe for cheating. A sexy car crash of hot bodies, stamina, oh-look-I'm-already-sweaty, and always being out of the country, shacked up with some delicious Kenyan marathon runners. Who could blame them?


JK Rowling aside, rule number one of being a painter, sculptor, writer, or actor is that you deep down have to be a terrible and amoral person. On the plus side, it makes your work all that more incisively brilliant. On the other hand, cheating just comes with the territory. Not only that, but nothing's more attractive than a tortured soul.


As a matter of fact, female DJs are even more likely to cheat at work than strippers. Go figure. We suspect it's a combination of three things: music, which always gets you in the mood; easy access to Ecstasy, which will always do the trick; and the constant touring, which makes it oh so easy to never get caught.


Okay, now we're getting a little bit more obvious. But it's still surprising, just in another way. Why is this profession not higher up in the list? Is it actually so noble a job that people are really following the "no touching" rule? We're not saying that taking your clothes off and swinging around a pole for money means you're an instant floozy, but come on. If your clothes are already off, you may as well go for it, no?

The Communication Industry

Next up was the communication industry - i.e., anyone who has to talk over the phone for a living. We can understand this one, honest. Half the time you've got some deep, rumbling voice whispering sweet nothings in your ear, getting you all hot and heavy. The other half the time is someone screaming abuse at you, and what better way to let off some steam than getting frisky in the supply cupboard?


Lawyers came in at number ten on the list of the professions most likely. Why? It's hard to say. Maybe it's all those late nights with boxes of Chinese take-out, poring over legal loopholes. But then again, that's hardly as exciting as it sounds. What's more likely is that lawyers are such smooth operators, they could talk their way into anyone's pants.