14 Secret Things Your Girlfriend Wants In Bed But Is Too Afraid To Ask!

Girls are mysterious in their own sweet way, they have desires and secret fantasies that they want to get experience. But they never say. They might drop a little bit of hint here and there, but wouldn’t tell you. Take a bit of cue from her talks, communicate with her to know what are her desires. 

No Boundaries

The new age with advanced technology has made the girls come out of their boundaries, and they now want explore a side of their own they never knew existed.


Some girls use toys when they are alone, they may not tell you, but secretively they are into it, ask her before and indulge your best time ever with her.

Click Beautiful Pictures

Girls like to get clicked by their man and share selfies with their man.

Film Them Make A Personal Video

There are some moments which she would want you to capture in your video just for her and you.


Some women have secret role play desires, explore your girl to know which role she wants to play

Master The Art OF Love Talks

Some mushy talking in her ears will do a wonder trick on her.

Bringing Another Person Into The Bedroom

Men love the thought of threesOme, before you get into it, be sure to ask your girl, she may or may not be game for it.

Watching P#rn Together

Women too like watch adult films they get turned on as much as a man does. Share the your favourite one’s with her and ask her which ones she likes to get more close

Explore New Environment.

Try to indulge in love act in different places around your home, be it kitchen , couch, next to fire place just add a bit spice to routine love life.

Random closeness

An unexpected closeness is something every girl expects from her man, this takes her high.

Fall Asleep on Their Man

Women love to fall asleep in their man’s arms


Hugs are special to every women, it makes them feel loved and secured


Tenderness an important part of act of love it’s big turn on for women and will take both of you high


Give your woman a special, just to be used by you to call her, this will make her feel special and loved.