Early Warning Signs Your Blood Pressure Is Dangerously High (1 In 5 Don’t Know They Have It)

High blood pressure is also referred as hypertension and it is a common disease which is affecting not only adults but also children and teens. When the blood pushes against the walls of the arteries with a higher force than normal pressures it is called high blood pressure. To keep the blood pressure in control, one of the best measures is keep salt intake in control.

Most people do not come to know that they might having high blood pressure, hence read on to find more about this disease which might you might be having:

Warning Signs Of High Blood Pressure

Often high blood pressure or hypertension is associated with fewer symptoms. Hoever one should watch out for: • Headaches • Chest Pains • Tiredness • Noise Buzzing • Excessive Sweating • Confusion

Types Of Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is measured using gauge and stethoscope or electronic sensor and a blood pressure cuff. The two types of blood pressure measured are: • Systolic Pressure: in which the heart beats while blood pumps. • Diastolic Pressure: in which the heart rests between the beats. Stages of blood pressure are: 120/80 is considered as Normal Range. 120-139/80-89 is considered as Pre Hypertension. 140-159/9099 is called Stage 1 of Blood Pressure. 160 and above/100 and above is called stage 2 of Blood Pressure.

Dealing With High Blood Pressure

Since high blood pressure is a lifestyle disease, together with the medication one needs to make changes in diet and include some physical activity. The person who is having high blood pressure following foods should be avoided: • Alcohol & Caffeine • High sodium diets – avoid processed foods like cheese, butter, packaged and canned foods with high salts. • Sugar- Avoid sweets and high sugar content foods • Trans fats – avoid fried foods and avoid junk foods. To keep blood pressures in control include the following types of food in your diet: • High Fibre foods- Include fresh fruits and vegetables • Include garlic in your everyday diet • Tea- drink white tea to make the blood thin, this will help blood flow easily to arteries and regulate the blood pressure • Omega 3 rich foods like fish and flaxseeds

Low Blood Pressure

Usually, low blood pressure is not a cause of concern, however sometimes blood pressure can drop to level where in one can faint or lead to dizziness. Other issues that low blood pressure can lead to are: • Light headedness • Fatigue • Dehydration • Blurred Vision • Fainting • Dizziness • Nausea Low blood pressure can occur in following conditions: • Pregnancy • Nutritional deficiencies • Drop in blood level • Drugs used for hypertension, antidepressants • Allergic reaction to certain foods