See What Your Tongue Revels About Your Health

Like each and every organ of the body tongue plays key role in our daily life. It lets us to taste, speak, and also tell us about our health’s condition. Yes, your heard right! According to its color, shape, smell you can see if something is wrong or not. Here’s guide to know about tongue disease and its pain.

Pink and Smooth Tongue

If you have tongue like this then no need to worry you have the healthy one. The small bumps that naturally visible on texture of your tongue are known as papillae and helps to taste.

Map like Tongue

This kind of small bumps pattern is known as lingua geographica; however nothing to worry about it as it is harmless. In case if you have higher sensitivity in terms of taste of toothpaste, spice and flavors that can pose an issue. Medically it is not a condition where you need to worry about.

White Lines on your Tongue

It is known as lichen planus, one of most common mouth disease. It might occur due to high sensitivity and deep irritation causing itching. It might be possible that it can be symptom free. Treatment is not all required; it can be healed by avoiding tobacco and alcohol.

Thick Yellow Layer

Yes it seems harmless; it is an indication of fungal infection. It can occur if you are having poor immune system. It might found common in teens and children who wear braces. It is advised to see dentist for best possible solutions.

Blisters or Sores on your tongue

Blisters can indicate that there might be some infection in your stomach or digestion issue. Sores may occur due to bite or burn. If it stays for more than two weeks it is suggested to visit dentist as they can also indicate cancer.

Thick White Layer

Thick white layer found on tongue signify poor oral hygiene and high consumption of alcohol. It can be rid of with good brushing, tongue cleaner and high intake of water.

Tongue fissures

You need not to worry about this condition is nothing as it comes with age. However if you notice swelling, you must visit dentist at the earliest.

Wavy indentations

This issue mostly occurs on kid’s tongue as a result of rapid growth of their mouth. If found these indentations on adults, it can be an indication of hypothyroidism. Better check with your doctor.

Red and fleshy

If you notice same condition on your tongue it is advised to track intake of your vitamins. According to a research, this kind of tongue can be an indication of a lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Black coating

It looks bad however it gives enough explanation about oral hygiene. It can be visible due to occurrence of bacteria or in adults with diabetes or intake of antibiotics. It can be rid of simply following good brush routine and intake of healthy food.