10 Warning Signs Of Diabetes. You Need To Consult Your Doctor If You Are Experiencing Any Of These

As you must have heard that diabetes is a lifelong condition which causes high blood sugar levels. It is a form of metabolism disorder. Regular checkups are necessary to prevent yourself from this disorder.

Here are 10 warnings early signs of diabetes that you can’t ignore.

Excessive Thirst and Frequent Urination

These are among the first warning signs. It is a common symptom in type 2 diabetes. It is due to the excess of sugar in the blood that the kidneys are not able to filter out the glucose from the blood. So, constant flushing of glucose in the form of urination makes the person more dehydrated and quench for extra thirst. Even by drinking plenty of water leads to constant urination.

Sudden Weight Loss

When the body is not able to absorb glucose, it leads to the rise in blood sugar levels. This is eliminated through frequent urination resulting in sugar loss. This whole process will definitely lead to loss of calories.

Excessive Appetite and Hunger

Type 2 diabetes is prevalent among one in every four persons. As the blood sugar level drops and the cells are not getting enough energy, your body is forced to thrive for glucose to get an energy boost and crave for food while feeling hungry.


If you are feeling tired without any reason it may be an early sign of diabetes. If your insulin is not functioning properly, the lowered glucose levels will result in lack of energy. This will make you feel completely exhausted and fatigue.

Blurred and impaired vision

Another clear indicator of diabetes is blurred vision. The rise in blood sugar causes vision sensitivity hence the blurred effect. Due to dehydration, glucose level tends to increase which in further causes swelling of the eyes. If not diagnosed properly, it can result in eye-damaging diseases like cataract and glaucoma.

Slower healing of wounds and bruises

If there is an increase in sugar (glucose) in the body, your wounds, cuts and bruises takes time to heal. This will surely be a sign of diabetes.


Frequent infections are a major determinant of diabetes. Increase in sugar in your body tends to weaken your immunity and decrease the ability to recover from infections. In women, it is difficult to get recovered from bladder, UTI and vaginal infections.

Numbness of hands and feet

Due to a rise in sugar blood levels, your nerves and can be damaged which can cause tingling sensations and numbness in hands and feet. In this case, you must consult with your doctor.

Anger and Irritability

If you are facing issues of anger, mood swinging and irritability over the little issues, this can be due to lack of energy. You need to go for a blood sugar test as it could be a sign of diabetes.

Skin problems

A person suffering from diabetes can experience dry, itchy skin, poor circulation, darker skin on the neck or under your arms. This can be a sign of the reaction of the body to insulin resistance and high blood sugar.

In case, you notice any of the above indications, you are recommended to consult with your doctor. Early detection of the disease is the major step towards recovery.