6 Reasons It Is Important To Check Between Toes

We people struggle to find time for ourselves and thus, many diseases catch us day in and day out. Even a little bit of negligence in our health can lead to long term sickness. Thus, one should always keep in check what they are doing and what they should not. Similarly, little things like our hands and toes are most neglected by us whereas it is quite important to maintain them well. Here are reasons you need to take proper care of, before it is too late.

Check between Toes

It is significant that you check properly between your little fat toes, when you are bathing. Make sure you scrub the insides very well.

Evolving moles.

You must ensure that there are no weird moles evolving out as they could suggest the skin cancer Melanoma, which could be fatal if not treated.

Check Everywhere

Not just your feet and toes, but also be careful about emergence of moles at every other part of your body.You can use a hand mirror if it is getting difficult.

Assymetry and Border: Skin Cancer Alert

Assymetry moles are not round and are folded around edges whereas border moles are ragged and blurred. You must know these types of moles.

Color, Diameter and Evolving.

These moles are uneven and can have many shades of color and its diameter keeps changing. If it is evolving it may even bleed.

Prevent Skin Cancer

You should avoid excessive sun exposure and should follow all the above steps in ordert to prevent skin cancer from ruining your life. Keep a look out on such evolving moles.